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First Stop Flooring

First Stop Flooring
Ken Fuchs

Ken Fuchs, an independent flooring consultant, who works for you, will come to your home, provide you with complete and accurate measurements, and share over 40 years of expertise and advise, so you get the best value for your flooring investment dollars.

Without the conflict of sales quotas or retailer loyalty, you’ll get an honest and accurate evaluation of your best flooring options.

Ken will recommend local flooring providers to best meet your specific needs. Ken only recommends licensed, reputable companies that he’s personally worked with and are known to provide the highest quality work and best value to their customers. You’ll often have several to choose from, so you decide which provider is best for you.


Hiring an independent flooring consultant provides you the information and expertise you need when investing in your home’s value with new flooring.


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First Stop Flooring